Output Devices for All Competitive Exams Important Notes

Output Devices

Output Devices for All Competitive Exams Important Notes

The devices, which are responsible for giving out the result, are called as output device. These devices receive the information from the CPU and present it before the user in their desired Format. Example: – Printer, Plotter, Monitor etc.


Monitor is an output device which is used to display the data or processed information. It looks  a television. Monitor is equipped with buttons to adjust the brightness, contrast and screen size etc  Monitor is the most widely used output device.

Computer Input Devices for All Competitive Exams Important Notes


A computer printer produces a hard copy (permanent human-readable text and/or graphics, usually on paper) from data stored in a computer connected to it.  Printer The printers can print the text or graphics in monochrome or color mode depending on their model and the features available.

Printers are of two types:

Impact Printer:

In impact printers the print head strikes on the ribbon to type the character. They work like typewriters. These printers are generally used to type text. Printers like Dot Matrix Printer and Daisy Wheel Printers fall in this category.

Modem :

It is used to connect computer to the Internet. It is a device that sends and receives information over a telephone line or high-speed cable. It may be internal(built into the system unit) or external(a separate component from system).

Non- Impact Printer:

The Non-impact printers transfer the ink onto the paper to form characters. They work like photo copier. Inkjet and Laser printers are the examples of non-impact printers.


Plotter is an output device that works on the principle of a mechanical arm that holds a pen (or pens) which is controlled by computer. The paper is held on a flat bed or on a drum. The output produced is made up of high quality continuous (and different colored) lines.


Speaker is an output device that converts electrical signals into sound signals which can be heard. The speakers are attached to the computer depending on the user’s requirements.

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